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Welcome to the NTS Pen Pal website I invite all amateur radio operators to join in!

Build long-distance friendships with your fellow hams while practicing and building your traffic handling skills in the ARRL National Traffic System!


How does this work?

Submit your request to join the NTS Pen Pal project, and I will work to connect you with another ham radio operator looking for an NTS pen pal.

Once you are paired with someone, you can start sending each other radiograms through the NTS and get to know each other. Ask about each of you got started in amateur radio, what radio equipment you use, what hobbies outside amateur radio, or your favorite recipes. It is totally up to you!

Who will I be paired with?

It all depends on who else participates, and my randomness given I am manually making assignments, but I will try my best to pair you with someone that is not in your direct area.

Who knows, you may even have a NTS pen pal with someone from the other side of the globe!

How do I sign up?

Use this form to submit your information.

What happens after I sign up?

Once I have your info, I will look through the list I have of others interested in NTS pen pals. After I pair you up with someone, I will email both of you with your respective NTS pen pal’s information so you can start sending traffic right away!

What is the National Traffic System?

The National Traffic System (NTS) is a network of amateur radio operators who move information during disasters and other emergencies. General messages offering well wishes also move through the NTS to help test the system and to help amateur radio operators build traffic handling skills. While the NTS is primarily set up to serve the United States and Canada, it is possible to move traffic internationally through the NTS.

I hope you enjoy this NTS Pen Pal project and that you build many new and long-lasting ham radio friendships. Please know I am incredibly grateful for your participation in the National Traffic System. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Aaron | K8AMH
Section Traffic Manager
ARRL North Texas Section